We understand the importance of quality control testing for the planning phase and construction process.

All of our soils inspectors have been trained and certified to perform field density testing by the nuclear method using Troxler surface moisture-density gauges. Troxler density gauges provide the fast, accurate and consistent results necessary to keep backfilling operations moving forward without delay.  STL also employs several NETTCP certified inspectors for your New York and Connecticut DOT inspection requirements.

• Shallow and Deep Foundation Compaction Inspections
• In-Situ Density
• Moisture Content

Laboratory testing for: (partial list)

• Proctor
• Sieve Analysis
• Topsoil
• Permeability
• Organic Impurity
• Soundness / LA Abrasion

• Atterberg Limits
• Specific Gravity
• Moisture Content
• Septic Percolation (Lab & Field)
• Unit Weight
• Absorption