We understand the importance of quality control testing for the planning phase and construction process.

Our ACI/ICC certified concrete inspectors are cross-trained for both plant and field inspections. Some of their placement duties include unit weights, air content, slump/flow, temperature monitoring and the casting of cylinder or beam samples.


• Concrete Related Inspection Testing
• Post Tensioned Cable Installation & Tensioning
• Floor Flatness Testing
• Moisture Vapor Emission
• Relative Humidity
• Swiss Hammer
• Windsor Probe
• Core Drilling and Testing
• Epoxy Anchor Inspection & Pull Out Testing
• Reinforcing Location (Post)

Concrete laboratory testing for: 

• Compression (Flash Sampled & Drilled Core)
• Aggregate
• Flexural
• Shrinkage
• LA Abrasion
• Absorption
• Coefficient of Friction
• Chloride Ion